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Learn from your body

With these amazing features, iWoman can help you know more about your cycle:

Circle, Calendar and Period View

iWoman gives you a great representation of your cycle. It's now easy to follow your period visually and gives you a better orientation.

Basal Temperature

With iWoman, you can easily track your basal temperature to collect information about your upcoming ovulation. Either for contraception or your wish to get pregnant.


Take down individual notes and memos (with Emoji support) on every day of your cycle.

Ovulation prediction

iWoman calculates your most fertile days in every cycle and indicates when you are most likely to get pregnant.


Track your sexual intercourse and activity with the help of specific icons - as all natural or safe sex.

More Features

There are so many more things for you to discover. With regular updates, we are trying to constantly optimise your experience.

What you get from it

iWoman is more than a set of helpful functionalities. Our app helps you with your daily experience and gives you more insights from period to period.

  • With iWoman, you learn more about your body every day
  • Have all data at hand when you when you speak to your gynecologist or doctor
  • The app helps you predict and plan dates like meetings and vacation according to your period
  • Customize iWoman: Show or hide functions you need or don’t need

iWoman shows you more.
More of you


„This is the best app tracker so far.“ – LA MADONNA Magazine
„iWoman is the app of choice for many users in our community that are trying to conceive!“ – BABYFORUM.AT


„I’ve been using iWoman for the last 3 years and it's the perfect app. Every woman should use it to get to know her body. And all the up and coming new features are great!“ – Violettgreeb, Austria, 5/5 Stars


We hope that you have a great time using iWoman and it helps you to learn more about your body. Our team spoke to many women how to improve the experience and make the best possible app for your smartphone. Please do not hesitate to give us your opinion and let us know how iWoman could be improved to suit your needs.


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